I think the Brisbane Wedding Collective provides engaged couples with a very different type of access to wedding professionals.

With overwhelming information and options for couples to consider, filtering quality from the noise is challenging.

The Wedding Collective comprises an impressive group of hugely experienced, highly credible individuals who have proactively chosen to collaborate to deliver high quality, trusted service.

There is virtually no scenario the collective members haven’t experienced and are incredibly well connected in case we can’t.

The three words that best describe us: integrity, quality, experience.


The collective is a small group of professionals within the wedding industry who provide quality service and products. When our businesses work together we use collective ‘knowledge’ – knowledge of the event, knowledge of the couple, knowledge of the desired outcome – allowing us to work better as a group. Showing couples that we have trust in each others businesses, allows them to have trust in us.


The Brisbane Wedding Collective is a great group to be a part of, I love that we can offer such quality wedding professionals to engaged couples who we have become great friends with over the years.

All the Collective’s wedding professionals have years of leading experience, a great trusted attitude & a joyful love for weddings. All-round great people to work with & who do such an outstanding bespoke job for every wedding.

There is complete trust in recommending each professional with such a unique broad contribution by all. I am very thankful to be a part of this great exclusive Brisbane group.


Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and we at Brisbane Wedding Collective understand this. This is why we offer the most reliable and efficient suppliers within the wedding industry to help organise and to accommodate you on your special day.

Brisbane Wedding Collective offers an extensive range of wedding vendors making your wedding experience stress free from start to finish. We provide brides and grooms with the best wedding vendors in Brisbane to ensure you have the most perfect unforgettable wedding day. The moment you get engaged we can assist you with trusted suppliers that have been acknowledged within their fields for excellence.


The collective to me is a group of amazing people working together to create the very best for our beautiful clients. By working alongside people I trust and know will offer the best standard of work and service for my clients I know that I can confidently recommend them to do the very best by all of them. My clients are able to receive the best quality vendors with exclusive offers and the most valuable advice about their area of expertise.


There are 2 things that will really take your wedding to the next level…

1 ) A desire to just have the best day, live in the moment and show your gratitude and appreciation to everyone at the wedding.

2 ) Having great wedding suppliers that create a seamless experience.

Having worked at weddings over 15 years the best way to sum all this up is that a wedding is all about the vibe and the community. It’s not only about how your guests interact yet also about how the suppliers interact. Suppliers who have worked together, built relationships and trust create a vibe and experience that really makes a difference.

This is why we put time and effort into being a part of the collective. Because we want to create the best experience for everyone and most of all our couples.


This collective consists of the best and most experienced wedding professionals in an around Brisbane. We are proud to have our venue space in this amazing group and could not be more excited to work alongside passionate and hardworking individuals. We are all working collectively to leverage off each other to grow not only our own business but also everyone else’s. By doing so, our main focus is to recommend each other to perspective couples so the Brisbane Wedding Collective can be a part of all off the different aspects to a lovely wedding.

Engaged couples can benefit from our collective as they would be hiring people that are all trustworthy, likeminded, and friends with one another. Our end goal would be to have couples recommend not only one business to a friend or family member but to recommended the entire collective for someone else’s special day.


Wedding preparation can be overwhelming and stressful, which is I love the idea of The Wedding Collective – a group of trusted experts in the wedding industry to guide you through this exciting time and create a magical, stress-free experience from the proposal to the big day! Tash Maree Travel is proud to be a part of this inspirational and energetic group of wedding professionals. The Wedding Collective caters for all styles and personalities and will leave you inspired, confident and ready to say “I do”!