Summer is such a beautiful time of the year to get married however, there are a few things you need to take into consideration when getting married during the Summer months especially when it comes to hair and makeup.

MAKEUP: The summer heat brings so many challenges, humidity, sweat and more. These can all reek havoc with your makeup. Make sure when you choose a makeup artist that they are using products that are made for our hot and humid climate. You want your makeup to last. You need something that is sweat resistant and that will stop you from creating an oily shine by the end of the day. At Velbella we use our own fabulous airbrush product that we know and trust, it has been made for humid conditions. We also recommend that our bride’s purchase a touch up kit especially in the summer months; this consists of a lipstick, gloss and powder. Having the powder means that you can touch up your T-zone to ensure your makeup is shine free all day.

HAIR: With heat and humidity brings challenges for your hair. Make sure when you choose a hairstyle that you choose one that is not going to exacerbate that heat for you. We don’t usually recommend wearing your hair down if you’re going to be out in the heat. If it’s particularly humid or your having a beach wedding with sea spray this can also influence how long your hair will stay curled. When booking a hairstylist make sure you find one who has experience working in hot and humid conditions. You want to make sure that they know how to create the perfect look for you that will last. There are a lot of things your stylist can do to ensure your hair stays perfect and they should be able to advise you on a style that will work with our summer weather. Find a professional that you will be confident in their ability to work with these challenges. If you are unsure about how your hair and makeup will last in the heat. Please contact us for further information.