You’ve recently put a ring on it! But before you say “I do” you have a special day to plan celebrating with your Bride-Tribe.

Planning a Hens party can be a little daunting (who, when, where and how!?) so we’ve put together a few handy tips to get the ball rolling…
The Guest List…
First things first – select your partners in crime.  The number of people in attendance will play a big factor in what you decide to do for your Hens Party. Will it be a free for all event, or a more intimate party with your besties?  It’s best to flag the date nice and early with your group so no one misses out on sharing your day with you (and this also gives you a better idea on who can and can’t make it).

Setting a budget….
Setting a budget (and trying to stick to it) is never fun, although it’s important that everyone is on the same page prior to locking in any plans (you don’t want your uni student friend being stung with a $300 bill at the end of the day).

When should I have my Hen’s Party…
Between 2 months and 2 weeks is ideal. Try to avoid any major party plans the night before the big day (unless of course you want a repeat of “The Hangover”).

Who does the organising…
It’s really up to you (the bride) how involved you get in the planning side of things. It’s usually the Made of Honour’s duties to organise the nitty gritty (games, itinerary, bookings), however you will need to give your MOH some guide lines (and no go zones) and arrange the guest list.

Hen’s party inspiration…
Now here’s the fun part, deciding what to do! Whether you’re into fancy dress & novelty straws, or prefer something a little classier – the modern day Hen has endless options! Here’s a few of our favourites:

  • Get the girls together for a private wine & liqueur tasting tour (my specialty!)
  • Rent a house at the beach/rainforest for a weekend away
  • Pamper sessions & slumber parties
  • Pole dancing lessons (this is always good for a laugh)
  • Cooking & Cocktail classes
  • Picnics & paddle boards
  • Create your own perfume
  • BYO in your red hot “Hire Engine”

Keep an eye out for our upcoming article on hen’s party ideas for more details & inspiration!  (We hope this helps in the meantime)

To save yourself from any last minute surprises, get in touch with your venues & guests to confirm all systems are go.  The MOH should ensure all payments are finalised prior to the party – this is a great way to make sure everyone is committed.

The grand finale…
You’ve confirmed guests & payment, booked your venue, now It’s time to enjoy your special day! Your hen’s party is all about YOU and the wonderful people around you, so soak it all up and enjoy the ride!