Colour is more than just a clever decorating technique, it is an important part of the design process; a secret ingredient that is often overlooked!

Colour affects you physically just as surely as that deliciously sweet bite of chocolate mud cake. It has the power to change your outlook, completely altering the way you evaluate something.

Keeping this in mind, colour is a crucial element to cake decorating. It sets the tone of the cake and a slight change can drastically alter the entire feel of the design transforming soft elegance to a playful, exciting creation.

Colour is like a language and creates new meanings when used individually or together.

  • Red is the colour of passion and desire, and a pure red will come to the forefront in any design.
  • Blue is the colour of serenity, but also of communication and intelligence. It tends to recede into the background.
  • Yellow means optimism, friendliness, and warmth; Orange brings fun, and perhaps sensuality.
  • Green speaks a language of harmony and balance.

But how much colour is TOO much colour? We’ve all had experiences with mixtures of colours that leave us overwhelmed and confused; the messages clash.

When we think “too much colour” it is often due to clumsily chosen colours that aren’t working together. It is important to ensure colour is not only balanced, but alludes to the desired feel and tone of the event. Achieving this is a fine art.

When it comes to cake designs, three colours are not a crowd; in fact, that third player harmonizes the two outliers and brings them together into a cohesive whole. Colour schemes that utilize three colours can offer fine nuances in meaning or mood, and provide a more exact and perhaps gentler form of expression.

For the bright summer cake designs, colour is never and afterthought.

Wedding cake in different colors