When it comes to a beautiful bridal makeup, eyebrows are key to framing the face and drawing attention to your eyes. It is so important to have them groomed to the right shape and look for your big day. It’s never too early to start now.


You have a few options when it comes to brows and grooming: Waxing, Threading & Plucking… which is best? The answer is, it depends on your eyebrow consultant. Find a good one that is not going to take too much of your brow away and will take the time and give you the advice to bring your eyebrows back to a beautiful shape. We all pluck our brows from time to time, but we advise for your wedding day, pay to have a professional look after them for you.


I personally recommend threading the shaping from threading is fantastic. Threading is becoming very popular and is perfect for women with long eyebrow hairs or thick eyebrows. I find brows don’t grow back as quickly as they do after waxing which is a major bonus.


If you don’t have your eyebrows done for your trial or for your wedding day, it can really change the whole makeup look. The eyeshadows can get caught in the hair and your make up artist won’t be able to create the best look for you. Taking those fine hairs off under the brows will give you more height to blend in beautiful eyeshadows and highlights, ultimately making your eyes pop.


Take the time now to find a beautician or brow service that works for you. It will make a huge difference to your overall look on your wedding day. We can give you advice on amazing eyebrow professionals, feel free to contact us on admin@velbella.com for more information.